Katterbach, Germany

My home without Brian for the next year.

Shindand, Afghanistan

Brian's "home" for the next year.

One same world...

We all live in one same world, but life can be so different. Brian is only 5,000 KM from me but the world he is in now must definitely be way different from mine. We hear about it everyday, we read about what's going on but we don't really have any accurate idea of what it's like. We try to imagine but it's difficult to get a good picture of it in our minds: what is it like in Afghanistan?  And how would it be like to be an American soldier, husband/ wife and/or mother/ father there, knowing that your family is waiting for you back home? For the next 11 months, Brian will be living in a dangerous life far away from home. He knows I will always wait for him, I will always be there for him, no matter how long he's gone and that I will always love him and support him throughout this year long deployment. I am a very proud Army wife of a Chinook Pilot.  HOOAH!